Why I've always related to the character, Carl Kolchak of the short lived 70's television show ...

Carl Kolchak; he's my hero. There, I said it. But he really is for so many good reasons. And as I find myself watching those television series episodes on Netflix over and over and over I just never get tired of the man. I never get tired of believing there is good in the world just for good's sake.

So, maybe you've never enjoyed seeing this show. Let me fill you in. Kolchak: The Night Stalker was a TV Series from 1974-1975 (just the best years of my life, is all).

My hero, the seersucker suited, tennis shoe wearing, many type of camera toting reporter played by Darren McGavin, faced any number of supernatural monsters weekly and, with no concern to his safety or sanity, he just went out there and did the job. Maybe it was his job or maybe not, but he shouldered it no matter what and THAT is where my heart is.

There are a handful of us in the world today (I believe) that just want to do good for good's sake. We care about our fellow people, animals, heck, planet. We believe in something bigger than ourselves that drives us forward. And that was Kolchak.

He clearly didn't have a ton of money; he wasn't powerful, he was just a guy ... doing a job. And it didn't hurt that he tried very hard to be a good photographer even though he fell short there. Well, we all would if we tried to shoot in the dark with a tiny flash 'cube' while running from those things that go bump in the night. Think about that for moment.

Yes, I never tire of the man; the stories; or the time I spend reliving the fun I had being me in the 70's. I do believe there is good out there. And I feel sad for those that just don't get it.

Lots of Dressage Going on for Me at the Moment ...

So there I was, on a plane heading to Indiana! I was on my way to work the International Buckskin Horse World Show for Don & Deb Trout. As World Shows go, it was Awesome! Kept me on my toes and gave me a lot to do for The Trouts.

But then, once the dust settled, I got to spend a day with friend and Dressage Rider, Amy Latka and her sweet OTTB, Jewel. What Fun! I want to do more Ranch Calls and it was super sweet of them to let me practice a bit to see what I might be getting into. Here's a few from our session ...

Then I had friends riding in a Pomona Chapter Dressage Show locally so I went to knock the dust off my actual under saddle dressage shooting a bit. Really lovely show ... shade trees, nice horses, and just a neat day! And, I got to spend time with a favorite Dressage Person in my life, Susie Peacock!

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